Meytal Katz-Rozenberg Partner

Meytal Katz-Rozenberg

Adv. Meytal Katz-Rozenberg, partner in the Real Estate department of Eshel, Ashlagi, Rozent.

Mrs. Katz-Rozenberg has a wealth of experience in handling complex real estate transactions including residential and commercial projects, while handling the purchase of the land, financing the project, agreements with the different contractors, registrations and handling the projects ongoing.

Adv. Katz-Rozenberg has wide experience in handling all aspects, as well as taxation and building planning, of city renewal transactions including city renewal plans including "Tama 38" (strengthening old buildings), "Tama 38" (destruction of old buildings and re-construction of new ones) and removal and re-construction projects.

Adv. Katz-Rozenberg also has expertise in issues regarding registration of property including registration and cancelling/amending registration of apartment buildings.

In the area of commercial transactions Adv. Katz-Rozenberg specializes in preparing different types of commercial agreements, real estate partnership agreements including providing legal counsel to companies and ongoing representation.

Education: LL.B Tel Aviv University (2001)

Admission: Israel Bar Association, 2002

Languages: Hebrew, English